Now and Then

Now and Then
Now and Then is a musical which had its World Premiere in Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale area) in September of 2018 with rave reviews and a run of sixteen shows.

The music style is folk with a little bit of country for good measure. The actors will play guitar on stage creating an intimate experience.

Six actors, three guitars, one same sex couple. We follow the lives of Daniel and Greg over the course of 40 years together.

The show is crisp, funny, and touching.

Audiences were captured as we shared their life’s journey.

Meet the Florida Cast


Daniel 1

Cody R. Jenkins

Cody brings to a saddle bag full of talent by way of Fort Worth, TX.  As DANIEL #1, Cody will woo you at the Open Mic with the signature song, "Solitary Man."  When Cody breaks into "Long Stem Red Rose" the house will be swooning over this timeless love song.  Cody sings, "You are a long stem, red rose and a glass of champagne.  The tide as it ebbs and flows on the shoreline of my heart..."  If you are not in love after this song, ...check your pulse.  Be sure to see the rest of Cody's bio at the show.


Daniel 2

Matt McClure

Matt is a blazing guitarist with a voice with an edge.  He hits all the right chords and will certainly strum your heartstrings in this production.  Hailing from Atlanta, be sure to see this man on stage in this world premier.  Catch more of Matt's bio at the show.  There is a lot going on for DANIEL #2 in this production and Matt is going to take you for a great ride.  He leads the title song "Now & Then."  There's more to Matt than meets the eye, look for his full bio at the show.


Daniel 3

Dennis Manning

Dennis brings to the cast his 40+ years of singing, song writing and performing.  As DANIEL #3 he will take you through "Now & Then" from many perspectives.  Be sure to listen for his take on "Castles" where he sings, "...maybe we could sail away, maybe we could dance on stars, I'd go with you anywhere.  Can I live with you in your castle in the air."  Be sure to check out the full bio at the show.


Greg 1

Conor Walton

Conor is a celebrated EQUITY actor right here in south Florida.  He brings depth, dimension, excitement and all that is energy to the role of GREG #1.  Just wait till you see his take on "Look At Me."  Conor gives this song a whole new meaning.  He tells us, "Sometimes I fall in love too hard, too fast, for too long for today it never seems to last..."  Conor will be your host at the Open Mic, so be sure to get there on time!  Look for the rest of Conor's bio in the Playbill at the show!


Greg 2

Tim Evanicki

Tim joins the cast by way of Orlando, FL.  Tim does ALL that is music from searing vocals to piano to instruction and so much more.  As GREG #2, Tim will soar on the song, "When I Get Through," as he works through the strain of his relationship with Daniel.  After 10+ years together life has become a bit "messy" for Greg and Daniel.  Tim sings in frustration and anger and love, "...I've been calling, one more hour one more try, to keep from falling into this spell into your eyes..."  Be sure check out Tim's complete bio at the show.  Tim is going to thrill you with his performance.


Greg 3

Ansel Robin Thompson

Ansel joins the cast hailing from New Hampshire via...well a lot of places.  As GREG #3, Ansel is mature, seasoned and there is a sense of "knowing" that you will feel when you meet him.  Ansel will reach to the depth of your hearts in his rendition of "I Remember Love" as he looks back over his life and draws you in to make your own connections with your own experiences.  Ansel tells us "...the choices you make and the chances you take may be mistakes when it all comes around...and when the choosing is done and the choice is not the one that you wanted, what can you do, what can you say?"